Chaps City Fashion Tour

Chaps Continuance Elastic Waist Design Plus with a fine cotton material, sailing elements, full of Picasso’s free prints, make you comfortable and enjoy the flowers and coastal life; cotton shirt color represents the bright colors of spring.

Inheritance Ralph Lauren classic jacket quality, colorful Chaps classic POLO shirt, to ensure wearing comfort at the same time, for the trip and office to bring more color options – handsome indigo, khaki grass green, gentle skin powder, personality bright yellow , Vibrant orange. In the sunny trip, wearing a simple and comfortable POLO, free to enjoy a leisurely holiday it.

The classic American casual brand Chaps, founded by Ralph Lauren, represents the iconic American style and is committed to bringing the minded, confident and vibrant brand spirit into modern life.

Chaps is synonymous with the iconic American life, its brand concept is to convey people’s longing for a better life and provide a full range of product experience, product line from men and women, children’s clothing home shoes and other accessories, from all aspects of life to meet all the life The people who are pursuing

Chaps inherits brand style with its unique design. Continued Ralph Lauren brand of professional classic – polo shirt, also accounted for Chaps clothing series in an important seat. The use of earth color, striped elements and bright colors of the polo shirt, mashup Chaps the series of clothing, can interpret the changing style -Simple Look, Woderful Life. Perfectly tailored shirts and stripes are also popular.