P & G president joined Ralph Lauren as CEO

Ralph Lauren, the US fashion and luxury group, today announced the appointment of Patrice Louvet, the 52-year-old president and chief executive officer of Ralph Lauren, to succeed former CEO Stefan Larsson. He will join the board, the official office for July 17 this year, directly to the 77-year-old executive chairman and creative director Ralph Lauren report.

Patrice Louvet has been with Procter & Gamble for 28 years and has served as President and Group President of the company’s well-known brand business. He is responsible for the combination of Gucci and Hugo Boss for Gucci Perfumes, Pantene, Gillette (Pantene) Gillette), Clairol (SKY) and SK-II and other world-renowned brand development made contributions. In 2016, he was responsible for the business sector sales revenue reached 11.5 billion US dollars.

Patrice Louvet is a Frenchman. As a child, because his father worked as a leading American subsidiary of a French chemical company, he and his family lived in Princeton for four years and was also attracted by American culture. Now, he began to shoulder the development of a classic American fashion brand, but over the past decade the dramatic changes in brand culture for his no small challenge.