Will the CEO save Ralph Lauren?

He and the former has a fast fashion background in Sweden CEO Stefan Larsson different from the day of the giant P & G, before leaving the post is the global beauty business person in charge. He holds 12 brands with a total revenue of $ 11.5 billion, such as Olay, SK-II, Pantene. In the world’s largest perfume company Coty P & G before the implementation of beauty buy, Gucci, Hugo Boss and other brands of perfume and makeup business by his responsible.

“Patrice Louvet has a great passion and deep business understanding of building a global brand, coupled with active working methods, transition experience and strong attention to the results, so that we come together.” Ralph Lauren on the 52-year-old French People are obviously very satisfied, in addition to appointing him as the chief executive officer, also attached a company president.

However, the white-haired Ralph Lauren can not think of decentralization, he will continue to serve as the company’s executive chairman and chief creative officer. Just as the end of 2015, when the brand decided to set up a CEO position, his original intention is not a general, but to find someone to help themselves, so that the market value of 7 billion US dollars a smooth transition. After all, Ralph Lauren’s share price has evaporated 37% in 2015.

In June 2016, Stefan Larsson, then CEO, announced the company’s “forward” program, which included cutting off the sideline back to the core business, implementing layoffs, closing stores. Just last month, the brand is located in New York on Fifth Avenue Polo shop officially closed. However, this transformation is not easy to go – because the sponsor Stefan Larsson and Ralph Lauren disagreement was swept out, from his appointment less than 16 months.

“New York Times” in the name “Ralph Lauren old and new struggle struggle” in the analysis, as the founder of the brand, few people willing to give up command. Diane von Furstenberg and Carolina Herrera have parted ways with the chief executive. And by 2015, Ralph Lauren did not even think about finding someone as CEO.