Ralph Lauren cooperated with Shenzhen Art Exhibition Center

This time, Ralph Lauren Asia Pacific Director Brent Smith as a guest speaker, for the first time on the art exhibition of the forum. Brent introduced Ralph Lauren brand history – founded in 1983, the United States veteran luxury home, now has gone through 34 years of history, become the world famous brand. At the same time, the current representative of the young and young fashion brand is also fierce momentum, he also focused on its agent Kelly Wearstler and L’OBJET brand.

Speaking of the current US front-line furniture luxury brand development overview, he believes that the United States and other developed countries, the luxury market has entered a stage of steady development, most consumers have been able to clear their own luxury consumer demand, to make their own shopping options The

In contrast, the development of luxury goods industry in Asia is in the budding “brand introduction period.” Brent Smith believes that the current Asian luxury home industry there is still a lot of market space, the urgent need for high-quality luxury brands stationed, such as the old-fashioned Ralph Lauren and young fashion Kelly Wearstler.

For the concept of luxury, the scene is also a lot of designers interested friends. Brent Smith believes that “choice” is the biggest luxury, the opportunity to have the ability to determine the luxury brand’s consumer choice is luxury. And China has a large part of the people who can freely choose, they are young, bold, and most of the experience of leaving the ocean, more able to accept the concept of luxury consumption. Today, consumers no longer choose a single brand of the full range of products, but with the designer according to their needs and preferences, from multiple brands to buy their favorite products. Designers will be more inclined to cooperate with multiple brands, from different design styles in the assembly of their own unique ideas.

Of course, there are designers who talk about different views. They believe that China is still in the price and brand blind worship, may not be able to read the value of the pursuit of the brand behind. Brent Smith explained that the understanding of luxury must be the evolution of the stage, from the luxury price of the show to the brand “for my use” sublimation, which is the luxury of this learning “compulsory”.