Ralph Lauren Purple Label 2018 Spring Series

The focus of this series is on the retro style of refining and interpretation of the use of eye-catching black, cream white and red, to create a vibrant costumes. Tour de France (Tour de France) inspiration throughout the series, lively and interesting tournament slogan “Tour de Ralph”, the new knitting assembly with large ornaments, pants decorated with filled with sports atmosphere of the trim, fit Ralph Lauren Purple Label The spirit of the movement. The bracelet is decorated with the wings of the letter “P”, the panthera gymnastics players and other complex rendering patterns to keep the current design, re-interpretation of Ralph Lauren classic – made in 1992 the Stadium series.

Evening part, classic dress is a surprising fabric, and for the timeless suit style to add intriguing chic detail. With the same color of the thousands of birds of the cream of the white dress coat, as well as the Welsh Prince grid dress jacket, the material are beautiful tie silk; comfortable linen material instead of traditional wool fabric, creating an impeccable double-breasted dress jacket.

Soft wash and fold suit fabric, for the cut clothing to give a touch of leisure; in addition to casual coat, with the fabric with the structure of the belt double-pleated pants, and soft texture of the new shirt.

Designed for the Ralph Lauren Purple Label to create the finest cotton, linen and wool fabric, made quite comfortable and elegant sense of the soft shoulder jacket, and to make it more lined, suitable for spring and summer season wear. The new shirt coat has a superior smooth texture, with no seam design, and in the waist with drawstring.

Dark gray, navy blue and other soft neutral tones, constitute a warm and pleasing color combination, and then full of texture and patterns, giving a subtle and meticulous sense of change.