Polo Ralph Lauren sponsors the Wimbledon tennis tournament

This year, Polo Ralph Lauren is responsible for creating the uniforms of the presence of all Wimbledon tournaments, including the referee, the boarder and the caddy, and the design and production of the Polo Ralph Lauren brand’s culture and spiritual heritage Contour lines are combined.

The referee dressed as a strict navy blue stripe suit, with a chic neat wide cut trousers or oblique skirt skirt, women with mother of pearl button, men with light coat and fresh white pants. The caddy uniform uses Wimbledon’s traditional navy blue, green and purple, and is made of highly functional, moisture-absorbing and perspiration fabric.

To celebrate Wimbledon, Ralph’s Coffee & Bar will also launch a Wimbledon theme menu featuring classic British cuisine, including Plowman’s Platter and strawberry cream using top ingredients from the UK. During the race, guests can sit on a comfortable and elegant saddle leather bench while sipping Pimm’s Cup cocktails while watching live and enjoyable moments.

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