Chaps City Fashion Tour

Chaps Continuance Elastic Waist Design Plus with a fine cotton material, sailing elements, full of Picasso’s free prints, make you comfortable and enjoy the flowers and coastal life; cotton shirt color represents the bright colors of spring.

Inheritance Ralph Lauren classic jacket quality, colorful Chaps classic POLO shirt, to ensure wearing comfort at the same time, for the trip and office to bring more color options – handsome indigo, khaki grass green, gentle skin powder, personality bright yellow , Vibrant orange. In the sunny trip, wearing a simple and comfortable POLO, free to enjoy a leisurely holiday it.

The classic American casual brand Chaps, founded by Ralph Lauren, represents the iconic American style and is committed to bringing the minded, confident and vibrant brand spirit into modern life.

Chaps is synonymous with the iconic American life, its brand concept is to convey people’s longing for a better life and provide a full range of product experience, product line from men and women, children’s clothing home shoes and other accessories, from all aspects of life to meet all the life The people who are pursuing

Chaps inherits brand style with its unique design. Continued Ralph Lauren brand of professional classic – polo shirt, also accounted for Chaps clothing series in an important seat. The use of earth color, striped elements and bright colors of the polo shirt, mashup Chaps the series of clothing, can interpret the changing style -Simple Look, Woderful Life. Perfectly tailored shirts and stripes are also popular.

P & G president joined Ralph Lauren as CEO

Ralph Lauren, the US fashion and luxury group, today announced the appointment of Patrice Louvet, the 52-year-old president and chief executive officer of Ralph Lauren, to succeed former CEO Stefan Larsson. He will join the board, the official office for July 17 this year, directly to the 77-year-old executive chairman and creative director Ralph Lauren report.

Patrice Louvet has been with Procter & Gamble for 28 years and has served as President and Group President of the company’s well-known brand business. He is responsible for the combination of Gucci and Hugo Boss for Gucci Perfumes, Pantene, Gillette (Pantene) Gillette), Clairol (SKY) and SK-II and other world-renowned brand development made contributions. In 2016, he was responsible for the business sector sales revenue reached 11.5 billion US dollars.

Patrice Louvet is a Frenchman. As a child, because his father worked as a leading American subsidiary of a French chemical company, he and his family lived in Princeton for four years and was also attracted by American culture. Now, he began to shoulder the development of a classic American fashion brand, but over the past decade the dramatic changes in brand culture for his no small challenge.

Will the CEO save Ralph Lauren?

He and the former has a fast fashion background in Sweden CEO Stefan Larsson different from the day of the giant P & G, before leaving the post is the global beauty business person in charge. He holds 12 brands with a total revenue of $ 11.5 billion, such as Olay, SK-II, Pantene. In the world’s largest perfume company Coty P & G before the implementation of beauty buy, Gucci, Hugo Boss and other brands of perfume and makeup business by his responsible.

“Patrice Louvet has a great passion and deep business understanding of building a global brand, coupled with active working methods, transition experience and strong attention to the results, so that we come together.” Ralph Lauren on the 52-year-old French People are obviously very satisfied, in addition to appointing him as the chief executive officer, also attached a company president.

However, the white-haired Ralph Lauren can not think of decentralization, he will continue to serve as the company’s executive chairman and chief creative officer. Just as the end of 2015, when the brand decided to set up a CEO position, his original intention is not a general, but to find someone to help themselves, so that the market value of 7 billion US dollars a smooth transition. After all, Ralph Lauren’s share price has evaporated 37% in 2015.

In June 2016, Stefan Larsson, then CEO, announced the company’s “forward” program, which included cutting off the sideline back to the core business, implementing layoffs, closing stores. Just last month, the brand is located in New York on Fifth Avenue Polo shop officially closed. However, this transformation is not easy to go – because the sponsor Stefan Larsson and Ralph Lauren disagreement was swept out, from his appointment less than 16 months.

“New York Times” in the name “Ralph Lauren old and new struggle struggle” in the analysis, as the founder of the brand, few people willing to give up command. Diane von Furstenberg and Carolina Herrera have parted ways with the chief executive. And by 2015, Ralph Lauren did not even think about finding someone as CEO.

US clothing brand Ralph Lauren announced off shop layoffs

Yesterday, the US apparel brand Ralph Lauren announced the closure of the Fifth Avenue in New York’s Polo flagship store, reorganization of electricity business, and the implementation of layoffs. Fifth Avenue flagship store opened in 2014, then signed a 15-year rent agreement, the annual rent of 25 million US dollars.

2016 Ralph Lauren former CEO Stefan Larsson proposed a revitalization plan, intends to pass through the shop and layoffs, to improve the company’s efficiency and reduce expenses. But as early as February this year, the proposed Larsson has left the program. Ralph Lauren and many brands, like, suffered a retail department store recession brought internal and external crisis.

The flagship store off the layoffs is just a start, one after another brand will also close 50 stores. It is expected that the shutdown of the shop will end at the end of March 2018 or save about $ 140 million annually for the brand. However, the cost of the restructuring plan is about $ 370 million, mainly from employee severance pay, lease termination costs and the cost of cleaning up inventory.

In addition to the shop, Ralph Lauren also started to transform the new store, such as in the store to open a coffee shop and so on measures. 36 krypton had mentioned before, some men’s brand in New York and H & M new brand ARKET have started in the store set up coffee shop to attract customers. In some shopping malls in China, you can also see tennis Wennie and other brands, in the store opened a coffee shop.

Ralph Lauren cooperated with Shenzhen Art Exhibition Center

This time, Ralph Lauren Asia Pacific Director Brent Smith as a guest speaker, for the first time on the art exhibition of the forum. Brent introduced Ralph Lauren brand history – founded in 1983, the United States veteran luxury home, now has gone through 34 years of history, become the world famous brand. At the same time, the current representative of the young and young fashion brand is also fierce momentum, he also focused on its agent Kelly Wearstler and L’OBJET brand.

Speaking of the current US front-line furniture luxury brand development overview, he believes that the United States and other developed countries, the luxury market has entered a stage of steady development, most consumers have been able to clear their own luxury consumer demand, to make their own shopping options The

In contrast, the development of luxury goods industry in Asia is in the budding “brand introduction period.” Brent Smith believes that the current Asian luxury home industry there is still a lot of market space, the urgent need for high-quality luxury brands stationed, such as the old-fashioned Ralph Lauren and young fashion Kelly Wearstler.

For the concept of luxury, the scene is also a lot of designers interested friends. Brent Smith believes that “choice” is the biggest luxury, the opportunity to have the ability to determine the luxury brand’s consumer choice is luxury. And China has a large part of the people who can freely choose, they are young, bold, and most of the experience of leaving the ocean, more able to accept the concept of luxury consumption. Today, consumers no longer choose a single brand of the full range of products, but with the designer according to their needs and preferences, from multiple brands to buy their favorite products. Designers will be more inclined to cooperate with multiple brands, from different design styles in the assembly of their own unique ideas.

Of course, there are designers who talk about different views. They believe that China is still in the price and brand blind worship, may not be able to read the value of the pursuit of the brand behind. Brent Smith explained that the understanding of luxury must be the evolution of the stage, from the luxury price of the show to the brand “for my use” sublimation, which is the luxury of this learning “compulsory”.

Ralph Lauren Purple Label 2018 Spring Series

The focus of this series is on the retro style of refining and interpretation of the use of eye-catching black, cream white and red, to create a vibrant costumes. Tour de France (Tour de France) inspiration throughout the series, lively and interesting tournament slogan “Tour de Ralph”, the new knitting assembly with large ornaments, pants decorated with filled with sports atmosphere of the trim, fit Ralph Lauren Purple Label The spirit of the movement. The bracelet is decorated with the wings of the letter “P”, the panthera gymnastics players and other complex rendering patterns to keep the current design, re-interpretation of Ralph Lauren classic – made in 1992 the Stadium series.

Evening part, classic dress is a surprising fabric, and for the timeless suit style to add intriguing chic detail. With the same color of the thousands of birds of the cream of the white dress coat, as well as the Welsh Prince grid dress jacket, the material are beautiful tie silk; comfortable linen material instead of traditional wool fabric, creating an impeccable double-breasted dress jacket.

Soft wash and fold suit fabric, for the cut clothing to give a touch of leisure; in addition to casual coat, with the fabric with the structure of the belt double-pleated pants, and soft texture of the new shirt.

Designed for the Ralph Lauren Purple Label to create the finest cotton, linen and wool fabric, made quite comfortable and elegant sense of the soft shoulder jacket, and to make it more lined, suitable for spring and summer season wear. The new shirt coat has a superior smooth texture, with no seam design, and in the waist with drawstring.

Dark gray, navy blue and other soft neutral tones, constitute a warm and pleasing color combination, and then full of texture and patterns, giving a subtle and meticulous sense of change.

Polo Ralph Lauren sponsors the Wimbledon tennis tournament

This year, Polo Ralph Lauren is responsible for creating the uniforms of the presence of all Wimbledon tournaments, including the referee, the boarder and the caddy, and the design and production of the Polo Ralph Lauren brand’s culture and spiritual heritage Contour lines are combined.

The referee dressed as a strict navy blue stripe suit, with a chic neat wide cut trousers or oblique skirt skirt, women with mother of pearl button, men with light coat and fresh white pants. The caddy uniform uses Wimbledon’s traditional navy blue, green and purple, and is made of highly functional, moisture-absorbing and perspiration fabric.

To celebrate Wimbledon, Ralph’s Coffee & Bar will also launch a Wimbledon theme menu featuring classic British cuisine, including Plowman’s Platter and strawberry cream using top ingredients from the UK. During the race, guests can sit on a comfortable and elegant saddle leather bench while sipping Pimm’s Cup cocktails while watching live and enjoyable moments.

Polo Ralph Lauren’s second store has settled in Nanjing

On July 28, Ralph Lauren is located in Nanjing Golden Eagle Xinjiekou shop B, the first floor of the Polo Ralph Lauren boutiques will be opened, the store is also the second store in Nanjing after the second base.

Ralph Lauren is a designer brand, clothing brand is divided into designer brands, luxury brands and craftsmen brand three. And Polo Ralph Lauren as Ralph Lauren brand group in a main branch, is also the first brand started, the customer positioning in the largest global middle class, dress, polo shirt, shirt, khaki pants, a lot of things can be in this series turn up.

Its official website in China, men’s, women’s clothing, baby clothes and watch series for sale.

In addition to clothing accessories, Ralph Laure also has restaurants in Paris, Chicago, New York and London.